Codex Arcanum: Attack, Disenchant, Lighting, Vertical Cloud


Increase the damage for any ally with Attack.

Destroy all enemies in your path with the Attack Enchantment.

Realm: Attack

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Increases Damage. Air Damage.

Tactical Report

Not all enchantments need cleverness. Attack does what it says, it ups the damage that a character can do. If you just need to strengthen your allies, or are expecting and epic battle, this is the spell to go to.

This enchantment also grants Air Damage. Remove earthen bariers and root out the Root Democracy.

Codex Arcanum: Air, Beanstalk, Rain, Torch


Allies can also breath in the bubble.

Go diving in your own pocket of Air.

Realm: Air

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Attached breathable area. Air Damage.

Tactical Report

Air. One of the elemental enchantments. It’s utility is unparalleled. Not only does it grant a bubble of air to it’s target so they may enter water, but that same breathable space is usable by allies, cast it on a larger central target and lead your team into the depths.

If that wasn’t enough of a bonus, this enchantment also grants Air Damage. Destroy those pesky Root Democracy warriors and whatever earthen barriers they may erect.