Bestiary: Armadillo Lizard Commander

A noble leader of the Forged Parlaiment.

Armadillo Lizard Commander

Armadillo Lizard Commander

Realm: Fire

Size: Medium

Primary Attacks: Swing

Alternate Attacks: Block

Abilities: See Invisible, grants Armor Buff Enchantment to nearby allies


Tactical Report

Flag Bearers are the linchpin to any combat ready army. The Armadillo Lizard Commander is the strongest of these. This battled hardened veteran grants an Armor Buff to nearby allies.

Use this beast to lead your army to battle. It’s attack is slow yet strong, but the highlight of the Armadillo Lizard is it’s ability to block. Flag Bearers do not gain their benefit from rallying troops, but the Lizard Commander can draw enemy fire and block. This turtling effect turns your army into an invincible phalanx.

The Lizard Commander leads the troops.

Paired with Farm Mice. These two Summon Spells can quickly create a strong army.

The steel spine that holds up the Forged Parliament. The Armadillo Lizard Commanders have become the common officer in the Armies of the Fire Realm. Stout, disciplined warriors, these reptiles are known to lead unbreakable battalions against the enemies of the Parliament.

-Arhakis, Forged Parliament Historian

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