Bestiary: Fennec Fox Tracker

The Fennec Fox can find what it can't see.

Fennec Fox Tracker

Fennec Fox Tracker

Realm: Earth

Size: Medium

Primary Attacks: Single Shot, Double Shot, Triple Shot

Alternate Attacks: Dodge

Abilities: See in the Dark, See Invisible


Tactical Report

A standard beast found in the Root Democracy, Fennec Fox trackers highlight what it means to be part of the Earth Realm. A good cost for a character with good abilities.

With the ability to see in the Dark and see Invisible Objects, this Fox can find any target. And once it’s hunted down it’s prey, it shows it’s combat chops. It can dodge any incoming enemy fire and hit back with a ranged attacks with it’s bow.

And for the skilled player, customize the Fennec Fox’s shooting style. You can choose between fire one, two, or three arrows. But more arrows means less damage. So assess the situation and choose how to bring the Fox Tracker’s bow to bear.

The double shot shoots two arrows but only does 75% of the damage.

A fox tracker get an Attack Enchantment before letting loose with it’s double shot.


While farming mushrooms is the trade of choice for the Root Democracy, every beast knows that a good hunter will feed the burrow in a long winter.

-Grilla, Hunter Crew Advocate

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