Codex Arcanum: Fire, Forge Gems, Girder, Ladder

Fire Enchantment also deals additinal Fire Damage.

Brighten every dungeon with Fire.


Realm: Fire

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Adds light to Dark areas. Fire Damage.

Tactical Report

Fire. One of the elemental enchantments. One of the great utility spells. It’s first use is granting more light in Dark areas. This is a key ability to avoid many traps and pitfalls.

In addition to that, Fire Enchantment also grants Fire Damage. Destroy those slippery Fluid Coalition mercenaries and whatever frozen barriers lie in your path.

A great way to start any mission is by Forging Gems.

Craft your solution with an array of Gems.

 Forge Gems

Realm: Fire

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Gives four to six random Gems.

Tactical Report

Every Guardian learns quickly to find the right Gems and save them up for powerful spell. Manage your Gem stores easier with Forge Gems. It’s cheap to cast and adds flexibility to your options.

While this may seem a powerful spell, you only get one use of it per level. But this limitation can be overcome by finding Blue Chests or bringing the Memory Conjuration.

At a cost of one Fire Gem, Girder is always a solid choice.

Build a bridge to your destination with a Girder.


Realm: Fire

Type: Structure

Abilities: Attachable. Platform.

Tactical Report

Sometimes you just need to get across a gap. Girder is the best solution. It’s the cheapest horizontal platform in the Four Realms. Found a really big gap? Then just attach several Girders together and create a bridge.


Pair Ladders with Girders to cross every gap!

Climb to the top of every tower with a Ladder.


Realm: Fire

Type: Structure

Abilities: Platform.

Tactical Report

Much like it’s companion spell Girder, Ladder is one of the cheapest spells at a cost of only one Fire Gem. It’s a simple Structure that allows for greater vertical movement. Several ladders can be stacked together to reach even greater heights. It’s a common spell added to many Spell Lists.

But it’s usefulness can never be overrated.


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