Codex Arcanum: Climbing Plant, Heart of Fire, Max Health, Soul of Ice

Climbing plants can only be placed on walls.

Climb to new heights with the Climbing Plant.

Climbing Plant

Realm: Earth

Type: Structure

Abilities: Creates a climbable space along background walls.

Tactical Report

Their cost is very low and the distance they span is much greater than other platforms. These plants can be a go to selection for any spell list.

However, they come with a weakness. Climbing plants also require a back wall to grow on. This limits where you can play them and make them particularly ineffective in the Strato-Sultanate.


Use Heart of Fire twice early to get four Fire Gems!

Bring out strong Spell early by creating your own Gems.

 Heart of Fire

Realm: Earth

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Gives two Fire Gems.

Tactical Report

Sometimes you just need more Gems. Heart of Fire is the perfect companion Spell to those who love Fire Magic. While it costs you an Earth Gem, it gives back in Fire.

If you can only use one early, that’s still an early mission Fireball at your disposal. But if you can get two Heart of Fire spells cast early, you can bring some big beasts into your mission early. Nothing says powerful like walking into a battle with a Gila Monster or Iguana Knight from the start.

Using two Max Health enchanments quadruples the health.

Become a one beast army with Max Health.

Max Health

Realm: Earth

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Increases targets max and current Health.

Tactical Report

Max Health is one of the most powerful enchantments available in the Four Realms, but it requires careful timing to maximize it’s effectiveness. It does not restore a beasts health, but increases the maximum and current value.

Use it after taking damage and it won’t serve you well.

Use it twice early on and you’ll have quadrupled your targets health!


Cast it twice early to start with four Water Gems.

Bring stronger Spells to play by creating your own Gems.

 Soul of Ice

Realm: Earth

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Gives two Water Gems.

Tactical Report

Some Guardians just have an affinity for Water Magic. Go with the flow and give your Water Magic a boost. At the cost of one Earth Gem you can get two Water Gems. A great way to bring in some strong Water Enchantments early.

Or if you have a luck start, use Soul of Ice twice and bring in those giants from the water depths like an Anglerfish or Catfish!

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