Bestiary: Samurai Trout

A Samurai Trout overseeing the pond.

Samurai Trout

Samurai Trout

Realm: Water

Size: Medium

Primary Attacks: Slash

Alternate Attacks: Challenge

Abilities: Swim, gains Health Enchantment when in water


Tactical Report

The stoic Samurai Trout may seem similar to many of their watery school. They can swim and like many fish, gain a bonus enchantment when wet. But don’t be fooled. The Samurai Trout are some of the most dangerous creatures in all the Four Realms.

Their bonus Health Enchantment lets them sustain combat much longer. And while they do not field any fancy attacks, their alternate maneuver, Challenge, is devastating. The Trout will throw it’s scabbard at a target, issuing a challenge. The Trout greatly increases it’s damage against the targeted enemy. This makes the Samurai Trout the most fearsome single combat beast.

For the Trout, a single enemy is no challenge.

A lone Samurai Trout challenges a giant!


Like the blade of a Trout. We always find our destination!

-Trader Toad Advert

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