Codex Arcanum: Attack, Disenchant, Lighting, Vertical Cloud


Increase the damage for any ally with Attack.

Destroy all enemies in your path with the Attack Enchantment.

Realm: Attack

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Increases Damage. Air Damage.

Tactical Report

Not all enchantments need cleverness. Attack does what it says, it ups the damage that a character can do. If you just need to strengthen your allies, or are expecting and epic battle, this is the spell to go to.

This enchantment also grants Air Damage. Remove earthen bariers and root out the Root Democracy.


Disenchant is a very powerful spell for the cost.

Removing an unwanted Ambush.

Realm: Air

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Removes Enchantments, Traps, and Ambushes.

Tactical Report

Removing Enchantments may not seem that helpful at first glance. But the number of foes who come bearing powerful spells may surprise you. It’s also just as helpful to clean off those unwanted curses.

Annoyed by Traps and Ambushes you can’t get around? Well, Disenchant is good for removing those as well.  Just remember to bring Third Eye so you can see them coming.


Lightning deals some of the highest damage possble in Four Realms.

Fell any foe with a bolt of Lightning!

Realm: Air

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Creates a high damage bolt of lightning.

Tactical Report

While allies can lend long term combat support. Sometimes you need something quicker, and something stronger. With a bolt of Lighting you can cut through all enemies that may be in your path.

This is one of the strongest Conjuration in the game and will fell most foes in a single blast. Facing an army of animals, call down Lightning!

 Vertical Cloud

Take a comfortable ride to the top!

Realm: Air

Type: Structure

Abilities: Creates a vertical moving platform.

Tactical Report

The Vertical cloud is an elegant, if expensive, solution. While it’s cost may be more significant than other platform structures, it’s utility far outweighs any cons. They can be placed anywhere and grant that extra height that’s need to reach your goals.

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