Bestiary: Dashing Quail

The noble Dashing Quail.

Dashing Quail

Dashing Quail

Realm: Air

Size: Medium

Primary Attacks: Jab, Joust (While in Air)

Alternate Attacks: N/A

Abilities: Double Jump


Tactical Report

The Dashing Quail is a simple beast. But don’t let that fool you, the Quail is elegant in it’s simplicity. They may not be the strongest combatants on the field, clever usage of their Joust attack will fell even the mightiest of foes.

While they can’t fly like most birds, they can Double Jump. This used with their Joust attack allows them to reach many of the same areas as their feathered compatriots.

But this lack of ability is truly the prize. They cost only three Air Gems to bring into play. A cheap cost that makes them a valuable choice compared to the normally expensive choices in the Air Realm.

With Double Jump and a thrust maneuver the quail can go anywhere.

The agile quail in action.


Stand tall and true. All beasts of the Strato-Sultanate come from noble lineage. For true wisdom knows that it’s not the nest that makes the bird, but the deed .

-Strato-Sultanate Proverb

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