Codex Arcanum: Air, Beanstalk, Rain, Torch


Allies can also breath in the bubble.

Go diving in your own pocket of Air.

Realm: Air

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Attached breathable area. Air Damage.

Tactical Report

Air. One of the elemental enchantments. It’s utility is unparalleled. Not only does it grant a bubble of air to it’s target so they may enter water, but that same breathable space is usable by allies, cast it on a larger central target and lead your team into the depths.

If that wasn’t enough of a bonus, this enchantment also grants Air Damage. Destroy those pesky Root Democracy warriors and whatever earthen barriers they may erect.


Can placed vertically or horizontally.

Climb to the top of the castle.

Realm: Earth

Type: Structure

Abilities: Platform. Climbable. Attachable. Grows. Horizontal or Vertical.

Tactical Report

Everyone has heard the tales of Beanstalks. But until you put one to use, you won’t know how helpful it can be. Climb to the top of any tower or cliff. Build a bridge across wide gaps.

Beanstalks can be attached to girders to extend their lengths. They can also be grown vertically or horizontally depending on your need. These are truly the most versatile of platforms.


Bring rain!

Frog Warriors gain Pierce and Samurai Trout gain Health when in the rain.

Realm: Water

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Causes Rain. Gives one Water Gem.

Tactical Report

At first glance this may seem like a useless spell. What good can rain do? Well lets start of with the fact that the spell returns its one Water Gem, making it essentially free other than using a spot in the Spell List. But there’s more to that, in the right levels new paths will be opened up as Rain Leaves stretch to the water and create platforms.

While it’s true these small bonuses aren’t most helpful for every Spell List, it’s almost a necessity for those that favor the Fluid Coalition. Take for example Frog Warriors. These hopping battlers gain the powerful Pierce Enchantment when wet. Can’t find any water in the desert, then bring your own!



Try pairing it with the Pinochio Anole.

Brings light and returns the Fire Gem.

Realm: Fire

Type: Structure

Abilities: Creates a lighted area. Gives one Fire Gem.

Tactical Report

The darkness is an intimidating barrier for any adventurer. While there are a variety of options to overcome this adversity. The torch is one of the more nuanced.

Dark Vision may seem more powerful at first glance sine it grants total sight in darkness, but it is limited by being only available to one animal. The handy Torch provides light for everybody.

But perhaps it’s strongest benefit is for the Pinochio Anole Guardian. With the ability to reduce the cost of any structure by one, the Torch becomes free. This tied to the fact that the Torch returns it’s one Fire Gem cost can equate to light and a free Fire Gem.

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