Bestiary: Fencing Woodpecker

Fencing Woodpecker


Fencing Woodpecker

Realm: Air

Size: Small

Primary Attacks: Thrust Combination

Alternate Attacks: Dodge

Abilities: Fly, gains Pierce Enchantment when in wind


Tactical Report

Like many creatures from the Air Realm they can fly. This skill is handy on its own. But a Fencing Woodpecker is  a scourge of the battle field, small yet fierce. Their skills at fencing let them create a blurring continuation of attack that devastates foes.

If this powerful move wasn’t enough, just get these tiny fighter in wind. They’ll be given the Pierce Enchantment that lets them bypass enemy armor and reach new destinations.

A blurring blade.


We in the Strato-Sultanate strive for mastery. Our doctors are masters of the body, our scientists are master of the mind. And us, well, we are are masters of the blade.

-Borro, Downy Woodpecker, Fencing Instructor

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