Bestiary: Raccoon Thief

Raccoon Thief

Always after treasure.

Raccoon Thief

Realm: Earth

Size: Large

Primary Attacks: Throw Dagger

Alternate Attacks: Dust Devil

Abilities: See in the Dark


Tactical Report

Raccoon Thieves are decent in a scrap. Their daggers have good range. They can see foes in the dark. And a crafty beast can use their Dust Devil ability dangerously in a fight.

But their forte is thievery.

No castle is impregnable to sneaky mammals. Imbued with simple Earth Magic. These Raccoons can turn their bodies to dust. This Dust Devil ability allows them to seep through walls and glide on air. The ultimate ability steal any treasure.

No wall can stop them.

Raccoon Thieves also make excellent assassins.


Training in the Root Democracy is always top notch. But morality is always a slippery subject. Though we may preach unity, there are those that will take the training and use it to their own means.

-Bogar Huber, Den Leader

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