Bestiary: Dainty Catfish

Dainty Catfish

Gush Attack

Dainty Catfish

Realm: Water

Size: Large

Primary Attacks: Bite, Gush (Chargeable)

Alternate Attacks: None

Abilities: Swim, gains Enlarge Enchantment when in Water


Tactical Report

They may not look like much, but these big softies pack a mighty punch! Dainty Catfish come with a strong bite that makes all creatures reconsider a picking a fight with them. Plus their chargeable Gush attack gives them range and power at a distance.

Be careful, these big beasts do have trouble fighting small critters.

Want more power for your gems? Then throw a Dainty Catfish in the water. This not only makes the big fish even bigger, but it increases their health and damage. This does make it harder for them to fit in to small spaces and buildings.

Enlargement attachment.

Just add water!


The Fluid Coalition has many excellent traders. With this new wealth some see fit to take on airs. However, some are poor actors indeed!

-Molly, Lady Dowager of Port Glurb

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