Bestiary: Gecko Saboteur

Gecko Saboteur

Geck Saboteur at the Ready

Gecko Saboteur

Realm: Fire

Size: Small

Primary Attacks: Smash, Toss

Alternate Attacks: None

Abilities: See Invisible, Invisible, gains Fire Enchantment on summon


Tactical Report

These small lizards are an ideal infiltration unit. They can fit in any hole and see all traps. On top that, they are invisible. They can enter any fortress undetected. Gecko Saboteur’s also come into play with a Fire Enchantment, this allows them greater visibility in the dark. Gecko’s are your best friend for entering a wide range dungeons and throwing a wrench in your enemies plans.

What if they are caught by a creature with a Third Eye Enchantment? Never worry, with their Fire Enchantment they deal little extra damage with every hit.

Invisible characters become visible after attacking

Sneak Attack!


In later days of the Era of Invention, saboteurs became common. Many entrepreneurs from the Water Realm would seek to sabotage competitors technological investments in the Fire Realm. They would hire geckos. Their tiny size and keen eyes made them prime recruits. But their knowledge of technological weak points is what made them deadly.

-Arhakis, Forged Parliament Historian

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