Bestiary: Cadet Sparrowhawk

Cadet Sparrowhawk

Sparrowhawk has Health Enchantment from the wind

Cadet Sparrowhawk

Realm: Air

Size: Medium

Primary Attacks: Jab

Alternate Attacks: Dive Bomb (In Air)

Abilities: Fly, gains Health Enchantment when in wind


Tactical Report

Cadet Sparrowhawks are a solid choice for any mission. Being able to fly makes them a versatile scout in any area.

Sparrowhawks are no slouches when it comes combat either. While their traditional Jab attack is fine, their devastating Dive Bomb is great for crowds, large enemies, or generator buildings. Activated from the air this attack is deadly, but it comes at a cost; the maneuver leaves the Cadet stunned and open to attack.

This powerful attack leaves the Sparrowhawk vulnerable.

Dive Bomb!


Many see the Cadet Sparrowhawks as mere fledglings. Lazy and useless. I, however, find them to be shining moral examples to be raised up. They are emblematic of our proud Strato-Sultanate; willing to nobly sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

-Shanti, Strato-Sultanate General

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