Bestiary: Shrew Flag Bearer

Shrew Flag Bearer

Double Jump is a useful skill

Shrew Flag Bearer

Realm: Earth

Size: Small

Primary Attacks: None

Alternate Attacks: None

Abilities: See in the Dark, Double Jump, grants Health Buff Enchantment to nearby allies


Tactical Report

Shrew Flag Bearer’s can’t attack. This makes them seem like a poor choice to bring on a quest. However, at a cost of one Earth Gem, they are among the easiest allies to bring to the field. And at that cost and the abilities to Double Jump and See in the Dark, they make excellent scouts. Send them ahead to see danger, collect resources, and open new paths. And they still have their roll in combat. As flag bearers they buff near by allies with the Health Buff enchantment. That small boost in Health can make a big difference in a large battle.

Allies get a small Health boost.

Shrew Flag Bearer Leads the Charge


I’m not scared. I’m not scared. I’m not scared.

-Ozi, Shrew Flag Bearer, Badge of Distinction – Battle of Tahan

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