Bestiary: Frog Warrior

Frog Warrior

Frog Warrior on a Lily Pad

Frog Warrior

Realm: Water

Size: Small

Primary Attacks: Jab, Throw, Down Thrust (While in Air)

Alternate Attacks: Block

Abilities: Swim, Double Jump, gains Pierce Enchantment when in water


Tactical Report

Small but dependable, the Frog Warrior is a solid choice for any mission. With the ability to Double Jump and swim they can go anywhere. They can throw spears making them a menace in combat. However, their ability to block makes them a tactical distraction in battle. Though small in size, when in water or rain they gain a Pierce enchantment allowing their attacks to penetrate armor.

Notice the down thrust attack

Frog Warriors Hunting


We are no tadpoles! We have no tails to turn and run!

-Frog Warrior Battle Cry

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