Bestiary: Dragoon Gila Monster

Dragoon Gila Monster

Dragoon Gila Monster

Realm: Fire

Size: Large

Primary Attacks: Cannon, Poison Bite

Alternate Attacks: Bash

Abilities: See Invisible


Tactical Report

Dragoon Gila Monsters are an army on their own. Their primary weapon is the cannon, a powerful and unique weapon in the Realms. It not only does massive damage, but explodes on contact, clearing swathes of enemies.

These reptiles are not only a menace at a distance, but unlike many large creatures, they can defend themselves quite ably against smaller beasts. Their Bash attacks keeps would be pests at bay. However, switch to their Poison Bite and any nearby foe will fall in due time.

Dragoon Gila Monster in Combat


The Parliament was forged. Not voted on nor dreamed up. No. Formed by the fires of the lizards of the Fire Realm. Before we were a cunning but divided horde.  Then large gila monsters were outfitted with the first of our finest new technologies. They became the crucible. Through force and logic, they brought us together. Armed with our cannons they came to represent our nation. Strength and ingenuity married together.

-Arhakis, Forged Parliament Historian

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