Codex Arcanum: Curse, Sticky Paw, Small Portal, Vertical Spike Ball

Make short work of anything that stands in your way.

Door? What door?


Realm: Water

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Lowers the Health, Damage, and Armor of the target.

Tactical Report

Similar to Shrink, Curse lowers Health and Damage. However, there is one key difference to Curse. It also lowers the targets Armor. So if you are truly looking to cripple a foe, send a Curse their way. Plus you can curse those nasty Doors and Stones to find new paths!

Travel any distance with a well placed portal.

Door? What door?

Small Portal

Realm: Fire

Type: Structure

Abilities: Creates portals which characters can warp between.

Tactical Report

You’ve seen portals before; some for enemies, some for Wardens, and some to a call allies. Now you can build your own! They are cheap, which is good, you’re going to need two to start using them. But they are also super flexible. Go around doors or skip over great heights and distances; space has little hold over you now.

A strong and cheaper alternative to flying!

Do whatever a spider can!

Sticky Paws

Realm: Earth

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Target creature gains the Wall Climb ability.

Tactical Report

Jealous of spiders? No need, now you too can handily climb any surface! With Sticky Paws any character can gain the ability to climb walls. This reduces the need to build structures and opens up even more possibilities to saving the Realms!

Stop the hordes!

Create a trap for invaders!

Vertical Spike Ball

Realm: Air

Type: Structure

Abilities: Create a moving ball of spikes.

Tactical Report

Brutal and effective, moving spikes never go out of fashion. Placed at the right location they can be devastating to any enemies you may face.

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