Bestiary: Nephila Architect

One the worlds largest web spinners.

Nephila Architect

Nephila Architect

Realm: Fire

Size: Small

Primary Attacks: Swing

Alternate Attacks: Web

Abilities: Wall Climb.

Tactical Report

The great Nephila Architects are know for their wondrous structures throughout all the Realms. These great engineers utilize their powerful webs to craft architectural delights. While famed for their non martial skill, a wise Warden can put these arachnids to good use.

With the ability to climb walls and create climbable webs, there is no height the Nephila can’t climb. Their small stature allows them to fit in nearly any hole. With these traits combined they are some of the most flexible beasts throughout the Realms. With these skills at such a low cost, they make an excellent choice for any mission.

They can get everywhere!

Nephila can make webs and climb to every nook and cranny.

Have you ever crossed a bridge spun by a Nephila Architect? Beauty and utility in one perfect building.

-Samlan Tarn, The Gem Gazzette

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