Codex Arcanum: Alchemy, Barracks, Boulder, Ice Blast

All it costs is one Air Gem and a Spell List slot.

Haven’t you always wanted to make your own money?


Realm: Air

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Creates Gold.

Tactical Report


To save the Four Realms you have to think about the big picture. You need gold to upgrade your Warden, rebuild settlements, and leave offerings. It’s the glue that smooths the journey. So if you can spare a spot on your Spell List you should add Alchemy. It will make the level harder as it limits your Spell options and costs Air Gems. However, if you can finish the level you’ll come out just a little further.

Create your own creature generator.

Endless support!


Realm: Fire

Type: Structure

Abilities: Creates a Barracks which spawns one neutral character.

Tactical Report

You’ve seen them many times and they’ve become a thorn in your side. Barracks. Those endless generators of foes that block your quest. Well now you have an answer to that problem, build your own. It’s a powerful structure in that you could end up with unlimited helpers. However, they are aligned neutrally. So they will fight, but you cannot command them directly.

It works best against Air enemeis.

Just throw rocks at them.


Realm: Earth

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Launch a devestating rolling boulder.

Tactical Report

While Boulder is the weakest of the elemental launching spells, it still has it’s uses. At a paltry one Earth Gem it’s as easy to get into play as it’s sibling spells. It’s straight damage is weaker, but a well selected usage though and it can roll through an army of enemies. And worst case scenario, you can bust through all those Ivory doors and stones.

Everybody just chill.

Put your enemies on ice!

Ice Blast

Realm: Water

Type: Conjuration

Abilities: Launch a freezing blast at enemies.

Tactical Report

Ice Blast is the Water elemental launcher. It’s damage is moderate but limited to one hit. It’s true power is in the side effect. The affected target will be frozen and unable to move, allowing you to focus on other problems.

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