Codex Arcanum: Invisibility, Shrink, Third Eye, Water

Characters in silhouette can't see you.

Avoid combat and blend in with your surroundings by using Invisibility.


Realm: Water

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Target becomes Invisible.

Tactical Report

Sometimes avoiding combat is the best path for a Guardian. No Spell is handier for such task than Invisibility. Target one character and watch as it fades from view. But such a skill is only as powerful as one trained to use it.

Enemies that can’t see you will be silhouetted in black. Enemies that have Third Eye will appear in full color. So watch out for enemies that can see the Invisible.

Also note that if you attack, activate an switch, open a chest, or pickup an object; you will be noticed. You’ll temporarily become visible, so if you have to do something, do it quickly!

Also great for shrinking blocking walls.

Bring the biggest foe down to a manageable size!


Realm: Water

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Target decreases in size, Health, and Damage.

Tactical Report

At first glance Shrink may not seem as powerful as it’s cousin spell, Enlarge. But make no mistake, this enchantment is no small potatoes.

It does have it’s use in combat, making any foe a weaker target. But the power of Shrink is in it’s utility.

Is a large stone blocking your path? Shrink it and hop over the pebble. Found a small hole but no tiny allies to summon? Shrink yourself down and squeeze on in!

Third Eye is also handy for troublesome Traps and Ambushes.

Find new paths with Third Eye.

Third Eye

Realm: Water

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Target can see Invisible Objects.

Tactical Report

Third Eye grants it’s bearer the ability to see Invisible Objects. One of the ultimate utility skills! Now those you can see those pesky Goldfish Ninjas coming.

But that’s not all. Many paths are near impassable unless you bear Third Eye. But once you can see the unseen, new options will open before, even invisible ladders and platforms!

Third Eye is an Enchantment often favored by those who don’t like dealing with Traps and Ambushes. This handy spell will let you see them coming and find an alternate route.


Water Damage can open new paths.

Deal Water Damage with the Water Enchantment.


Realm: Water

Type: Enchantment

Abilities: Water Damage.

Tactical Report

Water. One of the elemental enchantments. A strong but often passed over Enchantment. Many will not it doesn’t seem as powerful as it sister Enchantments; Air, Fire, and Earth. But it’s a mistake to not add this Spell to your Spell List.

The ability of doing Water Damage is straightforward enough. It will let you break down those steel doors and blocks. It will let you pick apart the armies of the Forged Parliament.

What makes this Spell an easy choice is it’s cost and availability. At one Water Gem it’s easy to get into play. At five Uses it’s easy to play often. Watch your damage stack up when you cast this Spell multiple times early on.

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